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Vendor Corner

We are excited to announce that our festival will return in June 2024!

Our application process is going virtual! This year, we will be using Google Forms and Square to manage our application and payment processes. Just click the button below to go straight to the application and get started. The form should be easy to fill out even from your phone.

Good ol' fashioned paper copies are available on request.

Map of Festival Area

Click here to see the complete map of the festival area.

Map of Available Booths
(Updated on 4/19/2024)

Click here to see the updated Map of Available Booth Spaces

2024 Festival Rules and Regulations

View the Information, Rules, and Regulations that are listed in the Application.

City Event License Application

Each artist will need to submit the City Event License Application to CNM.

2018 Vendor Packet

Check out the Vendor Packet from a previous festival for general information about booth requirements, set up, break down, and prior artists. This information is only an example of how previous shows have run.


Things You May Be Wondering

What do I need to do to apply?

Which booth is the best?

Step 1: Fill out the online Google Form Application. Most of the application information is in the form and it has links to follow for payment or applying for a NM tax ID number. We tried to make it an easy way to get a lot done.

Step 2: Send in your jury images. All the information is in the Google Form including what images we want to see and where to send everything.

Step 3: Pay your $50 non-refundable Application Fee. Again, the link is in the Google Form to make an online payment.

Step 4: Once we have received your application fee and reviewed your application and jury images, we will assign you a booth. We will notify you by email of your acceptance to the show. If we need additional information before assigning you a booth, you will get an email from us with any questions we have.

Step 5: If accepted, make sure you have your New Mexico Tax ID number (CRS number) ready to go. There's more information below on how to get this done if you do not have a CRS # yet.

Step 6: Fill out a City Event License Application and submit it to CNM by email as a PDF or conventional mail.

Step 7: Pay your booth fee. We will send you a Square Invoice when you request one or you may mail us a check.

Step 8: Before the show, we often send reminders of paperwork or payments that we have not received. We also send information that's important on show day like set-up and tear down, any last minute changes from the City of Santa Fe, and other details you should know to have a smooth running show.

Step 9: Take a deep breath! We are here to help make the organization of the show smooth and easy for everyone! If you have questions, feel free to email us and ask!

Step 10: Have a great show!

There is NO BAD booth location at our show! You will have great traffic whether you are on the perimeter of the Plaza (on the street or walkway) or on the inside of the Plaza (on the grass or around the monument). The Grand Stand is on the north side of the Plaza. Booths on the walkway are generally shady, but please be aware that bugs live in trees - your tent may end up a little dirtier on the top if you are under the trees. If you need electricity at your booth, please select a booth that is on the walkway or on the grass.

How do I apply for a New Mexico Tax ID Number?

Each person who participates in our show MUST have a New Mexico Tax ID# (also referred to as a NM CRS#). The City of Santa Fe requires vendors to include this number on the Special Event License Application in order to be licensed to sell in our show. Luckily, it's very easy to apply for this number online! Just head over to this site and you'll be registered with the state in no time: New Mexico Taxation and Revenue

Does the application fee count toward the booth fee?

The booth fee is SEPARATE from the application fee for 2024. You must submit the $50 application fee with your application in order to be considered for the show. The application fee is non-refundable, and it will be processed immediately regardless of admittance to the festival. If you are accepted, we will provide further information on how to pay your full booth fee.

Where is a great place to stay?

There are so many great hotels, motels, and even camp sites close to the Plaza area and Santa Fe in general. Santa Fe is a relatively small town, so don't be afraid to stay somewhere that isn't right by the Plaza. Here is a great website to help you pick the right place: Santa Fe Accommodations

Where should I park?

Unfortunately, we do not have a designated lot for vendor parking. We STRONGLY recommend unhitching large trailers after unloading (instead of trying to park them in the Plaza area). The good news is that parking on Sunday is always free! This site has information about public parking lots: City of Santa Fe Parking Lots and Garages

          *Railyard parking options are about a 10-15 minute brisk walk from the Plaza.

Can I bring my pet with me to the show?

We LOVE animals! Unfortunately, animals WILL NOT be allowed in the festival area during the event. If you have an ADA service animal, your animal can (of course) remain with you. Animal Control will be patrolling the Plaza for the entirety of the event to enforce this rule, and they can issue $100 citations for violations.

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