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You Can Make a Difference

We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. You can make a difference by contributing to the great work we do at Challenge New Mexico. Get in touch with any questions about how you can support our horses and clients.

Scroll down to see our current initiatives.


Sponsor a horse


How much does it cost to take care of our horses - the backbone of our program?


For feed alone, we need about $45 per day to keep our horses healthy. That boils down to about $5 a day for each horse. If you add in hoof care and vet costs, we estimate that it costs $8 a day to maintain each horse. It doesn't sound like a lot until you add it all up at the end of the year - it takes about $3,000 to care for one horse for a year.

What does that mean for you?

It means you can play an important role in keeping our program going by donating to our Horse Care Fund!

Just click on the present        to send us a gift!


$15 - Buys a bale of hay

$35 - Feeds a horse for one week

$50 - Provides all care for a horse for one week

$250 - Feeds one horse (and includes hoof care) for 6 weeks (the length of our riding sessions)

$350 - Feeds the Challenge New Mexico herd for one week

$1,500 - Fills our hay barn with 100 bales

$1,800 - Feeds one horse for a year

$2,600-$3,000 - Provides all care for one horse for a year (Please contact us if interested!)

$30,000 - Keeps our herd fed, vetted, and shod for a year (Please contact us if interested!)

Donate a helmet


Are you looking for a concrete way to make a difference for one of our riders?

For $30, you can purchase a helmet for one of our riders!

Normally, we allow riders to borrow a helmet for their lessons. We do our best to make riding accessible to everyone - even to those that may not be able to afford their own equipment. Our goal is to reach across limits and allow anyone to experience horses safely.

So, what changed? In short, COVID-19.


Using disinfectants can damage and break down riding helmets. Obviously, this isn't a piece of equipment that we want to compromise in any way, but we do need to ensure that our protective equipment is still keeping our riders safe from possible COVID-19 exposure. The easiest way to cover all the safety bases is to ask our riders to provide their own helmet.

Here's where YOU come in! For $30, you can purchase a helmet for one of our clients!

Challenge New Mexico will handle sizing, ordering, and all the details to make sure each client has their own helmet to keep them safe - in more ways than one!

Give our riders a gift by clicking the present!

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