Therapeutic Riding

Posted by on Nov 22, 2013

In July 1992, CNM began their exciting therapeutic horseback riding program. Challenge conducts sessions throughout the year in our outdoor and indoor arenas. Horseback riding has extraordinary physical and psychological benefits and is recognized as one of the most therapeutic forms of recreation for a person with a disability. The movement pattern of the horse causes the brain to send relaxation messages to the muscles. Back and leg muscles strengthen. Eye-hand coordination and posture improves. Students also participate in a fun learning curriculum which covers information about horses and their care. Grooming and feeding provide opportunities for the participant to get to know their horse and provides ‘hands-on’ experience.

Each rider is evaluated and has his/her own lesson plan. A basic team exists that assists each rider according to needs. All lessons are based in therapy and include stretching, balancing, and strengthening exercises, eye-hand coordination, listening skills, following direction, arena work and trail rides. The program is located at our Ranch in Santa Fe which features 360 degree views of the mountain ranges of northern New Mexico.